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This Is Me

by Emma Nichols

Claire is ex-military, a lesbian, and different. When the Agency sends her for a mental health assessment to clear her for an assignment, she meets Justine.


Justine is a psycho-emotional therapist. But despite her professional credentials, she is hiding from something.


This is Claire’s story.

This is a love story and a story of deep enduring love.


Will Claire's love ever be enough for Justine?

Can Justine move on from what haunts her?


Emma Nichols' literary novella will take you on an emotional roller coaster of love and loss.

Published: 5 October 2019

Page Count: 140

ISBN: 978-1696725903

Reader Reviews

Just when you think you have a handle on what Emma Nichols is capable of, she goes and reinvents herself again and hits you with ‘This is Me, which is an utterly exceptional and unique piece of literature. 
This is Me will take you on an unforgiving no holds barred journey of absolute raw emotion. For me it captures the essence of true love.

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