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The Politician by Emma NIchols.jpg

Published:  4 August 2022

Page Count: 297 pages

ISBN: 979-8842271207

The Politician

by Emma Nichols

From an early age, Sarah Thompson's life has been driven by her ambition to become Prime Minister. The leadership of her party and the country is tantalisingly within reach when a new Assistant, Kendra, joins her team. Sarah’s growing fascination for the young outspoken environmental activist, makes it impossible to resist temptation. As the threat to Sarah's career gains momentum, she must navigate a tangled web of love and loyalty, or she will lose everything she’s ever worked for.

Kendra’s passion for the environment is as strong as her instant attraction to her new and sexy boss, Sarah. She knows there can be no future in such a relationship but her heart refuses to listen. As their love deepens, Kendra is subjected to the dark side of politics. Lies and deception are spun through Westminster to keep them apart.

What will it take for Sarah not just to win the election, but to win back the love of her life?

A steamy contemporary lesbian romance that will take you on a journey through the shadows of British politics and into the wonderfully sensual backdrop of Khao Sok National Park in Thailand.

Reader Reviews

 I always enjoy Emma’s stories. She has a way of writing that keeps you involved in the story and that keeps you reading. Grab this one for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

Amazon USA August 2022

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