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The Hangover

by Emma Nichols

Eva continues to self-destruct, and Rosa faces the very real possibility of losing the woman she loves. Does Eva have the inner strength to turn her life around once and for all, or will the circumstances she faces conspire against her?

As Vincenti secrets are revealed, and honest conversations take place about the past, will Lauren and Anna grow closer? And who is Carine Delfosse?

This is the concluding novel of the best-selling lesbian romance series, The Vincenti Series: Finding You (Book 1) and Remember Us (Book 2).

Published: 30 November 2017

Page Count: 260

ISBN: 978-1973391661

Reader Reviews

Emma once again delivers a tour de force of a novel. The Hangover will expose you to a full gamut of emotions. From the first page of The Hangover your attention is grabbed by the scruff of the neck and you want to read on. The plot, as we have come to expect from Emma is well considered, intelligent and exquisitely written. It is obvious from reading Emma’s books that she cares about her characters and you quickly realise that the characters in her books are not just there for the sake of it, they all have a meaningful role to play. Her characters have depth, dimension and they are believable and realistic.

If you enjoyed Emma’s other two books in the series ‘Finding you’ and ‘Remember Us’ then ‘The Hangover’ won’t disappoint. The Vincenti series are the must-read books of 2017... scratch that they are must-read books any year!

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