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Searching for a #lesfic team for the virtual Quest to Bidibidi

If you are like me, you will have eaten more of the wrong things, comfort foods and nibbles, etc., and possibly sipped a little more of God's nectar/poison (delete as appropriate) in the last few weeks than you would otherwise. So, if you are experiencing one of the following at the moment and fancy a little levity to brighten your on and feel inspired. Are you...

* Eating and or drinking more or less than normal?

* Exercising more or less than normal?

* Under or over 60?

* Live anywhere in the world?

* Bored out of your brains, or stressed, and have nothing to keep you inspired?

Right, that just about covers everyone!

I am embarking on the trip of a lifetime whilst dancing around my living room and weeding the garden, and I am looking for a team of up to eleven others to join me. Okay, it's a virtual trip but that's because we're grounded. It starts from Bletchley, England and ends in Bidibidi, East Africa and you can see exactly where the team is at through the app, and then there are fun challenges along the way. Some of you may have seen the sail boat the kids built and put into the water the other day. That was all part of this challenge. Challenges make kilometres. And kilometres get us to Bidibidi.

We don't have to stop our consumption to do this challenge! Let me make that point clear. Although it is always an option. When I increase exercise I find my appetite reduces, so who knows. Who can do this? Anyone. If a 99-year-old man can raise £20+ million walking the length of his garden with a Zimmer frame, then I figure we can do this together. Every activity you do counts as kilometres for the challenge. Here are some examples...

Cooking, cleaning, dancing, walking (with or without a dog or Zimmer), gardening, decorating, swimming (though you'll only be doing that in your own pool of course), cycling. Steps, steps and more steps. My son aged 6 registred 18,033 steps yesterday just playing Nintendo Switch. The kid doesn't stop jumping up and down while he's playing. His team is now in France and later I will post the re-enactment of the battle the kids designed as the challenge for that country. All challenges are optional but he was insistent they did the challenge because he wanted the extra kilometres earned to get his team into Spain. So this is great fun for kids and adults alike and it only costs as little as £10 to join the quest.

I stress this is not a race, although if we get a couple of teams we could have a little internal competition going as other teams are doing. Equally, you don't need to form a team with me, you could put a team together yourself, and get your friends and family involved. The important thing is to take part. Why? Because the little people of East Africa need our support. My wife is the CEO of East African Playgrounds and they are helping the poorest children in the world - the refugee children of Bidibidi - to get a playground into their camps. I think we can all appreciate the need and the importance of play in our lives after our own experiences of this virus situation. We're in this together... So, come on, who wants to play on my team?

One playground costs about £7,000 and has a life span of 15+ years. It's not a lot when you think someone can raise £20 million by walking up and down their garden. We need questers to make this happen though. So, if you would like to form a team with me, simply follow the instructions below.

If you would like to form a team with others, simply sign up below and get cracking.

If you think others might find this challenge a bit of fun, please forward the link to them.

If you are unable do the challenge yourself but would like to donate to the charity, sign up for the £25 option and sit back in your chair, relax and read Cosa Nostra.

If you don't want to take part, please help us by simply sharing the link.

You can register for just £10 or there is a £25 option which includes a Quest medal and donation to the charity. You choose.

For more information download the Quest to Bidibidi Pack

To register click here

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