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Cosa Nostra... sneaky preview

Maria Lombardo entered her parent’s villa and inhaled the aroma. Warmth spread through her as she sighed deeply. Her mother never failed to put a smile on her face with the feast she cooked. She removed her jacket and the Smith and Wesson 637 Magnum holstered at her side. She placed the weapon carefully on the sideboard next to her mother’s Beretta .357 Magnum. The difference in their choice of weapon mirrored their life choices. Her mother’s sense of cultural loyalty had drawn her to the traditional looking Italian manufactured gun with its long nose, whilst Maria preferred the smaller snub-nose weapon that she could easily conceal and forget she was wearing. She sighed. Maybe someday I won’t have to carry the damn thing at all? She followed her roused senses. As she entered the kitchen, her smile broadened. Her stomach rumbled as she moved closer to the source of the aroma. “That smells so good.”

Her mother turned and smiled as she continued to stir the lightly bubbling liquid. “You’re early, tesoro.”

“I missed you, Matri.”

Her mother waved her hand in the air. “Pah! You lie too convincingly.” She chuckled.

“Anyway, what are you looking so happy for?”

“It’s been a good day.” Maria had spent the afternoon reaffirming her commitment to create a future outside the business, beyond the shores of Sicily where she could be with a woman without retribution, but now wasn’t the time and place to have that discussion. And she would rather her father was present to help her mother to understand.

“Don’t tell me, you found a nice young man to settle down with? Make a family?”

Maria smiled. It was a question her mother asked frequently, and one she always answered in the same way. “Matri, you know that’s never going to happen.”

Her mother mumbled in Sicilian as she stirred the pot. “You find a good girl?”

She smiled. Her mother’s disappointment with her life choices always paled. Love had that kind of power. If only… “No good girl wants to be associated with the business, Matri.”

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