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by Emma Nichols

Madeleine isn’t like other grieving war widows.

Claudette isn’t like other young French women.


As their lives collide, Madeleine and Claude will discover a depth of connection and desire they never knew could exist. Can their love flourish in post-WW2 France or will their past derail their future?


If you like your novels with strong leading ladies, smouldering chemistry and an epic love story that twists and turns, then you’ll love Emma Nichols’ historical lesbian romance.

Published: 10 December 2018

Page Count: 281

ISBN: 978-1791321628

Reader Reviews

This book was so moving and so much more than the usual love story. The love that Madeleine and Claude have for each other is wonderfully told. There was a blending of minds, thoughts, wants and realities. After World War 2, it was next to impossible to be accepted for having a "different" life style. Love can be so beautiful and yet so painful. This story will draw you in and keep you going . Emma Nichols is the epitome of strong story lines and amazing word power. I highly and totally recommend this book. It will be re-read many times. Many thanks to the author!

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