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by Emma Nichols

What is there to celebrate when you turn 32, you’re still desperately single and thousands of miles away from home?

As Ashley contemplates her life, a lesbian stuck in the middle of the Syrian oil fields surrounded by more men than there is sand, a blast from the past brings with it the opportunity to rekindle old flames. 

But what of the local chef, Iman? As she awakens to her sexuality, in a country where such love is forbidden, will her heart’s yearning be satisfied or forever denied?

Dive into 'Forbidden', a lesbian romance, set in exotic pre-war Syria, from the bestselling The Vincenti Series: Finding You, Remember Us and The Hangover.

Published: 25 March 2018

Page Count: 289

ISBN: 978-1980642879

Reader Reviews

This story and these unforgettable characters will definitely remain in your heart for a very long time. 


If you enjoy stories with a sizzling and complicated romantic theme coupled with a hint of danger lurking in the background, then this is certainly the story for you!

The Lesbian Review

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