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Cosa Nostra Cover - lesbian romance.png

Published:  21 April 2020

Page Count: 277 pages

ISBN: 979-8636877899

Cosa Nostra

by Emma Nichols

Bound by the Mafia’s code of honour, loyalty and silence, Maria Lombardo has always dreamed of another life. But when her father dies, she must take over from him as head of the Lombardo clan, the most powerful member of the Sicilian Mafia, La Cosa Nostra.

On the other side of Palermo, the Amato family’s growing lust for power presents a dangerous problem. Maria is forced to take action that goes against every fibre of her being, or she will lose the respect of her clan. Falling for Simone complicates an already complex situation. As the two women’s attraction for each other deepens, secrets are revealed that threaten their future together.

Will Maria choose loyalty to the Cosa Nostra or will she risk it all for love?

Reader Reviews

From the minute you see the cover of Cosa Nostra to reading the first page right the way through to the end you are in for an edgy lesfic novel with a superbly woven love story.

Amazon UK April 2020

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