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Published:  29 September 2020

Page Count: 216 pages


Cosa Nostra 2

by Emma Nichols

Escaping the Mafia should have been simple. A new life with a new identity in a new location. But that plan was conceived long before Simone captured Maria’s heart. Maria’s love for Simone changes everything.

When Maria receives devastating news that sends her world into turmoil, she must overcome her demons and face her toughest adversary to date.

Stefano, the head of the rival Amato family, is crazed and power hungry; intent on annihilating his enemies and taking control of Sicily. Maria must eliminate him. But how can she do that when the man is incarcerated, and old allies can’t be trusted?

Running from the mafia is no longer an option. Maria must find a way to fight for those she loves and claim her and Simone's freedom.

If Cosa Nostra kept you on the edge of your seat, then buckle up. Best-selling lesbian fiction author Emma Nichols is about to take you on one hell of a roller coaster ride with Cosa Nostra 2!

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Emma Nichols has knocked it out of the ball park with Cosa Nostra 2!


Amazon UK September 2020

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