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Published:  25 February 2021

Page Count: 218 pages

ISBN: 979-8710966174


by Emma Nichols

Elodie Marchand has it all. Money, power, women. As the owner of a prestigious winery in France, she enjoys freedom on levels most people only dream about. She’s built a perfect life and is happy sharing it with no one. But when a travelling stranger drops into her world, Elodie is forced to reassess everything she thinks she knows about the way she lives.

On the back of a bitter divorce, Kaye Sykes is wandering the world, trying to find somewhere new to put down roots. After a controlling, abusive marriage, she’s taking the time to concentrate on herself and the last thing she’s looking for is a relationship. When she volunteers to pick grapes at a vineyard, Kaye meets the charming, beautiful, and enigmatic Elodie: surely the perfect choice for a little holiday, no-strings fun.

What begins as an instant and powerful sexual attraction soon becomes so much more, and both women try to fight it for very different reasons.

Will Elodie be strong enough to face the demons of her past so that she can embrace the true love of her future?

Reader Reviews

Quite simply Elodie is a captivating, and exquisite sensual love story. 


Amazon UK February 2021

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